designwerk. changing imprints.
multidisciplinary design for change.
based on distinct dogmatics.

designwerk purposefully includes in our work, advocacy for actively participating in the UN Sustainable Goals.

We implement the SDGs in your DNA and your brand design.

In addition, we take part in the quality education of future designers and entrepreneurs and invest resources in entrepreneurship and innovation. SDG4 and SDG8.

#designforchange #changingimprints #leavingnoonebehind

Design disciplines

Identity design. Logo design. Brand manual
Frontend design
Nonverbal communication. Illustrations
Information Graphics
Editorial design

Brand Strategy

When we create branding, we take your DNA as our starting point.
We work systemically with a brand DNA model that defines three DNA Cores:


What kind of journey are we on?
Find the Why. What do we believe in and what is our main driver? Often, the mission can be extracted into a tagline that suddenly gains a whole new weight.


The values are essential to access to shape the culture you want. Culture is a vital capital for all companies and organisations. Therefore the values must be defined!


What is the particular philosophy that sets us apart from the competition?
Our special thinking. Philosophy helps steer us out into The Blue Ocean.

designwerk often hold workshops with senior executives before an actual visual design process. Because all visuality and design must support the company’s or organisation’s DNA, and only by knowing and clarifying the DNA in-house can employees credibly “be The Brand”.

This is followed by design processes depending on the nature of the task. We always involve you, as a customer, in the process. A good feeling around its branding and design all crucial to a successful outcome. And you get it best when you have actively participated in the whole process.

Performs Affiliated Lecturing. BA. level


  • Content Media Concepts
  • Design for change
  • Imagineering
  • Experience design
  • The busines creation journey - Graphic Identity
  • Agency project
  • Typography
  • Launch of a Design Project


  • From dream to vision
  • Brand DNA
  • Launch of a Design Project


  1. designwerk must create unique designs
  2. We are not finished until we think the task has been solved superbly
  3. We work from a systemic design mindset
  4. We see people - and create opportunities together
  5. We support that dreams and visions become reality
  6. We are in constant learning
  7. designwerk must be an inspirer for new generations

The designwerk DNA


We are present to change imprints. Humans first, then our home planet.


designwerk shall be known as a powerhouse for design and ideation with ethical impact.


Each person has a unique potential. And we do not leave anyone behind.

Customers. Cases

Statens Serum Institut. Danish National serum Institute.

IAS International Aid Services. NGO.

Erhvervshus Midtjylland. Central Denmark Region.

VIA University College. Student Incubators.

SGC Scandinavian Growth Creators. INTERREG EU project.

DM&T Danish Fashion and Textile

ACTS Academy. International High School

SEERUP Optics. Eyewear Fashion Brand stores.

Elding Business. Thorshavn Pharoe Islands

Adwonce. ODE paper ad resource.

Mattrs, Zystm, Vistisen + Lunde, Domerit, HedeDanmark


Contact info

designwerk AS
co/ Sustainable Herning.
Gl. Skolevej 1.2. DK 7400 Herning.
Phone +45 25113275.

founded in dec. 2003
by CEO/design lead, Carsten Skovlund Hansen